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I'm Regina or Gigina. I'm a smol smol designer-to-be but have a BIG BIG dream, hoping that one day I can change the world by doing the best I can, little by little, one day at a time. I'm originally from Sarawak, but now to achieve this "dream", I'm studying in Selangor, away from my hometown, aspiring to be a Graphic Designer.
​I study Graphic Design at The One Academy, where I learn a lot of technical design skills, but more importantly, I learn to challenge myself and be a better version of myself everyday. ​I'm really good at sharing personal stories and experiences through my work and try my best to relay meaningful messages in all the work I do. I've worked with clients like my dad, my friends and my lecturers, and I'd love to show you what I can do. 

​I have multiple dreams, from wanting to win awards, to wanting to sell my products, to publishing my publication, to wanting to be a model for local brands to helping people, to making the world a better place, but my ultimate dream is to own a farm that's 20 minutes away from a beach.

One day, I will own a farm with a hammock. 

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My interest in this journey began as a child when my mom would force my brothers and I to sit down to make birthday cards for family members. It wasn't always pleasant because sometimes I just wanted to run around and play but as I grew, I enjoyed art and crafts classes in school and as I enjoy it, I got better at it and wanted to do something related to it in the future. 

Naively, I chose to do Graphic Design in college not because I have my entire life figured out and have a crystal clear vision of what this whole Graphic Design world is about. But, I just thought to myself at the age of 17 "Hey, I want to produce pretty looking things, since I enjoy looking at them, I want to create them too!"

As I start to learn about this whole thing that I signed up for, I enjoy the perks of being a "designer" even more. I now understand that it's so much more than just "pretty looking things". Here's to learning more things and creating meaningful designs that can inspire and create an impact in this BIG BIG world. 

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I find myself inspired by the mindset of children or the innocence of child-likeness and is interested in topics relating to children. Other than that, I also enjoy branding projects and creating zines using personal life experiences. Ultimately, I hope to use my work to inspire, encourage and help people to voice out.


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