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The Reasons behind doyoureallyloveme

Compared to others, I have very young parents, mom gave birth to me at the age of 21. I also have 2 younger brothers that are 2 years and 1 year younger than me. They also did not come from families who are financially well off. Due to that, my parents were busy all of the time trying to earn money, thinking that if they could provide us with money then it would mean they have done their part as parents, and there won’t be any need of anything else. It was bad to a point, sometimes we only saw our parents for a while after 6 months because they were travelling to many different states for business. Growing up, there are a lot of lonely times and sad moments when I realised my parents are not around all the time or on important dates, like birthdays, school ceremonies or Christmas.

Even though at one point of life I thought to myself, it’s okay because we got used to it and we should be understanding that my parents are working hard to provide a better life for us. However, as a child, I wished there was a way for us to tell them or someone who told them about how we felt and how not okay it was.

I know that I am not the only one who went through it, and many are still going through it. I wanted to have a product line to help kids now to voice out, just like how I wished someone told my parents how lonely it was and it was wrong to leave your children to grow without you. Other than voicing out, I wanted a product line that can help and improve the situation for other families and children like me when I was a child.

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