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Tools behind doyoureallyloveme

Let me walk through my progress and tools I've used in the process of this project.

Pencil & Paper

The most basic tools anyone would have access to and easily found anywhere. I start by sketching and planning the project using pen and paper. Everything is quite rough and raw because at this stage normally I just try to map everything out from my head on to paper.

Procreate / Adobe Photoshop

To begin the entire visual of the project after having all the context and content, the first app I used is Procreate to illustrate all the visuals for each of the products, from the cards to the zines and photo frame, to the packaging and the entire illustrations included in the project. Procreate is easy for me because it is easily accessible on my Ipad and easy to bring around with me to do my work anywhere. However, there's another alternative, if you do not have Ipad or Procreate, the same can be done on Photoshop on a laptop.

Adobe Illustrator

I would then use Illustrator to compose and arrange the text and illustrations together. Illustrator is also used to prepare my print files in actual size to be sent for printing out the products.

Wix / Wordpress / Dreamweaver

For the website section of the project, it was confusing on which to use to start designing the website since there were so many choices available. After reading all the comparisons in google, and hearing different opinions about different. The first difference between 3 of the choices that I had, is that WordPress and Wix run on a live web server. Whereas Dreamweaver is a software that runs on your computer. WordPress is said to be less restrictive and can achieve more in the long run and Wix is said to be very user friendly for anyone who is very beginner in making a website. In the end, I made up my mind and continued with Wix because it is enough to achieve the design I had in mind. Also, since I was limited by time and due date, Dreamweaver and WordPress would take up too much time just for me to learn basic coding whereas, in Wix, I could achieve the same result in a shorter time. Wix was the ideal choice due to different circumstances but in the future when I have time I would take my time to explore WordPress or Dreamweaver.

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