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Sharing you a video that relates to doyoureallyloveme project

From this organisation,, that believes in the power of honest conversations about faith, relationship, work, culture, studies and everything life tries to throw at us, I came across this Christmas edition video featuring Felicia Chin, a Singaporean actress, sharing her life experience and about her relationship with her mom.

While watching it, the video felt relatable and it was emotional. She shared how her mom's harshness caused a lot of brokenness in their relationship while she was growing up. However, what struck me was when she said that she burst out crying saying “I’m never good enough for you! No matter what I do, I’m never good enough for you. Jie jie (older sister) is always better than me.”

Then she said: "I didn’t even know these words existed inside of me. But I guess that was my inner cry."

At that point of the video, I was left speechless and had tears in my eyes. I think many times a lot of people go through this. We just try to suppress every emotion we feel based on parents actions and we are just not aware of all the accumulated hurts and scars, thinking that if we tried to ignore it, one day it will go away. But, many times, the "inner cry" needs to be voiced out before we can start the journey of healing, be it ourselves or our relationships with anyone.

That's what I would want to achieve with my personal project if possible, helping people voice out their inner cry, so that healing can start for them, or within the family.

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