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Tips on how to start your own personal project

Starting a personal project might feel imitating, but here's how I coped with it.

1) If you feel stuck looking for a topic to work on, look around you for your own experiences or daily stories, sometimes ideas and topics are nearer to us than we think it is.

2) Always choose to have breaks in between when working on personal projects, it can be as short as walking to the kitchen to refill the teacup or taking a 20 mins nap or taking daybreak to visit the nearest beach, but choose to move away from your work for a while to avoid burnout.

3) Creating a personal project might sound like a gigantic project that has many aspects to think about causing you not to know how to start, but remember to break it into small sections and develop it section by section, step by step. Don't feel imitated by it and end up giving up.

4) No matter how small you think you are starting as, and it seems like your contribution to the world is insignificant, do not worry because no one starts out flying if they can't even try to crawl. Grow it with passion and patience. One day, it is going to help someone who needs it.

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